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Ecotherapy is an umbrella term for counselling that works within the natural world to enhance the therapeutic work - this might mean counselling outside (walk and talk, sitting together outside or possibly a gardening session); it may be using elements of the natural world as a way of helping make sense of problems or issues - how we work will be tailored to your preference. 

Being outside, working in gardens forms part of my own therapeutic process. It gives me time to reflect and appreciate the beautiful part of the world that I live in. I am drawn to this way of working and find that clients can also take much from working outside.

All the spaces I use are chosen for their combination of natural harmony and privacy - enabling you to relax in the knowledge that whatever we discuss will remain confidential. All the locations I use have access to a room in case of extreme weather.

Possible advantages:

  • Working outside can help deepen our connection with the natural world and also, through the shared experience, help the therapeutic process

  • There are many proven benefits of being outside to both mental and physical wellbeing.  There is often a sense of freedom from being outside


Possible disadvantages or difficulties:

  • It may feel strange to work outside – it can feel exposed if the work is highly emotional.  Part of my work is to make sure you feel both heard and safe

  • Occasionally the weather can interrupt the session.  Suitable clothing may be needed to protect ourselves from the elements, as part of the experiential nature of the work is to be immersed in the landscape

  • Confidentiality can be a concern – the areas that I work in are chosen to allow us to be outside without fear of being interrupted by passers by 


Other Information:

Ecotherapy is not generally suitable for Single Session Work.

Please be aware that we will generally work in all weather conditions.  Much of the work will take place in wild woodland or fields so suitable clothing and foot wear are essential. 


£45 per 50 minute session

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