Email Counselling

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Email counselling can be a useful alternative to traditional face-to-face counselling. Therapists have been using various forms of emails counselling for a few years and many clients have found it valuable.


What is email counselling?


Email Counselling can be conducted in one of two ways:

1. Live Chat

As with a regular face-to-face counselling session, we would arrange to meet (online) at a previously agreed, mutually convenient time.  Sessions will usually be on a weekly basis and last for 50 minutes. I will email at the designated time.  If you do not reply within ten minutes, I will assume that you are not online and the appointment would be considered chargeable.  Please see payments and cancellations below.


2. Appointed Response Time (ART)

We will contract to work together over a period of time.  I will respond to your emails by a specific time and date each week, and you will be given a similar timescale in which to reply. The confidentiality and security of your therapy remains central to all parts of the process.


Possible advantages:

  • You may find the process of communicating from your own protected safe space very helpful in itself. This way of working can be useful if you want some contemplation time, enjoy journalling or wish to budget

  • If you are experiencing issues around shyness or anxiety when talking to people you may find that email counselling provides a safe way to communicate

  • I am able to offer you more flexibility by email, for example if you have to change location for any reason, you'll still be able to continue with your sessions, as long as you have access to your email


Possible disadvantages or difficulties:

  • Working via the ART method requires a degree of focus and self-discipline to meet the required time lines

  • You'll be responsible for ensuring privacy at your end. You'll need to consider which devices your emails can be read on (and who may have access to them)



Email sessions are charged at £40 per 50 minute session for Live Chat.
Prices for ART are variable depending on the amount of emails and timescales agreed

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