A personal reflection on loss

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

With large numbers of us being asked to disconnect from loved ones, to keep ourselves, them or others safe; with unemployment figures rising and the fear of more job cuts on the way and with familiar shops, pubs and restaurants closing I have been struck by how we are all being affected by loss and are sharing a grieving process.

I am drawn to illustrative ways of working (using found objects or the landscape as a whole) and find that certain models can really help us understand what we are experiencing. The Kubler-Ross model of grief has been adapted to fit a number of different scenarios and although not perfect (life is so much messier than a linear curve right?) is a valuable starting point to understanding how we deal with loss and grief.

How many of us are experiencing some (or all) of these emotions at the moment? Some people don't believe the virus is real; some blame the authorities for not doing more; others angry at measures being imposed upon them; many people are feeling depressed or fed up; and some have accepted that this is the new normal.

Wherever we are on the curve (and we may be at different places at different times) it can help to know we are not alone and that other people are on the same path, but maybe on a different step...

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