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My Approach

My aim is to provide a compassionate, non-judgemental, safe space for you to explore whatever issues you may want to discuss.  To find out how we might work together please click on the link or choose a way of working below. 

About me

I offer a range of therapeutic services; all are designed to have your safety and comfort at their core.  I commonly work outside of a traditional counselling room, be that in the open air (ecotherapy), or through the use of technology (videolink, phone & email) in your own home.   


Ecotherapy is an umbrella term for counselling that works with the natural world - this might mean counselling outside or using elements of the natural world as a way of helping make sense of problems or issues.  All the spaces I use are chosen for their combination of natural harmony and privacy.

Online (Video) Counselling

Online Counselling is carried out via virtual face-to-face sessions using Zoom, from any internet-connected space, including your home.  This method of working is flexible and low-cost, and is particularly suitable for people with time constraints, whilst still enabling us to create a meaningful therapeutic bond.


Room-based Counselling is as the name suggests, counselling in the traditional setting of a room, specifically set up to accommodate the therapeutic process.

Email Counselling

Email Counselling is conducted either via Live Chat,  where we arrange a regular 50 minute session, or by Appointed Response Time (ART).  This is where we contract to work together over a period of time,   each replying by a specific time and date each week giving you plenty of time for contemplation and reflection.

Having counselling outside was lovely...I felt so free, yet at the same time supported

Anonymous Client

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